Hello everyone!! I am RAKSHA. The biggest struggle of every fashion lover is to be updated with the trend and to know more about the upcoming fashion alert. Well, being a fashion freak, i am here with my blog which will make you aware with the latest fashion updates, how to flaunt the trend like a diva, every season’s and every occasion’s look book, how to steal the look of your favorite celebrities and everyday beauty tips and tricks along with some hacks.

The blog has four main categories-

  • FASHION– This section consists of the latest fashion alerts, trends, the upcoming fashion craziness and the other inspiring fashion updates.
  • LOOK BOOK– This section consists of the looks for and from every season’s , occasion’s and other beautiful events in which we get to dress keeping all the fashion in our mind.
  • RECREATING LOOKS– Celebrities are always a hot topic and many of us look to them for style inspiration. This section consists of our favorite celebrities whose looks are the trendy topic of the fashion world and which we can easily obtain in affordable price. I will try to copy celebrities Instagram pictures or their candid shots in public appearance and try to recreate their look, wearing all the clothing and other accessories which will be not exactly but nearly what they wore and describing and mentioning my clothes, their brands and their prices which will be all in affordable range.
  • BEAUTY– The beauty section consists of some tips and tricks along with few hacks for everyday beauty and skincare routine.                                                                                           Please do share your ideas, thoughts and comments at- rakshanano712@gmail.com

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