Though every saree is beautiful and full of grace, there are some particular fabrics which are perfect for our skin in summer. They are light in weight, soft in fabric and super easy to carry. In this post I am going to discuss about 5 such fabrics which are summer friendly and super comfortable.


The most trending saree fabric of all time are the net sarees. This beautiful fabric sarees never goes out of trend. They are super light weight, super comfortable and super easy to carry. Summer is annoying everyone with its high rough temperature and in this it is very difficult to style our self with a 6 yard clothing.  But wearing it in some light weight fabric can really work for us. The net fabric sarees are really easy to carry. They are super stylish and looks really pretty when wore.



Cotton sarees are perfect for summer. They are lighter in weight, easy in folds and comfortable to carry. They are best for our skin as it has cotton and is less rough than blingy sarees. Whether it is a formal wear, casual wear, or any traditional or festive wear, they are the best option for saree lovers. They are elegant, classy and sophisticated. Solid , Indigo prints, Modern prints, Embroidered, Banarasi and South cottons are some of the types variety of cotton sarees.


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