A style of denim which are straight from the era of retro, i.e. from 70’s, are back with its grace and statement look. These flared bottom beauties are super easy to pair up with different outfits. They are comfortable, cool and very easy to style.
Whether wear it with cool top, blazer, bodysuit, blouse or any thing trendy, they are fabulous in every way. The flared jeans are back in the house and yes they are the biggest trouser trend of 2018 for sure.
Boho-style, formal-style, retro-style or simply casual-style, these pair of jeans will amaze you and will become your next favorite fashion trend. I am wearing flared denim jeans from ALL ABOUT YOU FROM DEEPIKA PADUKONE, bodysuit from KOOK N KEECH BY MYNTRA, and pair of pumps.MAKEUP_20180719213922_save-02-01MAKEUP_20180719215744_save-01-01MAKEUP_20180719215540_save-01-01MAKEUP_20180719215219_save-01-01MAKEUP_20180719215100_save-01-01MAKEUP_20180719213817_save-01-01MAKEUP_20180719213512_save-01-01BeautyPlus_20180719203812773_save-02-01MAKEUP_20180719213349_save-01-02

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